Reviews about Prostovit

  • Florian
    Difficulties experienced with the digestion process: stools were too frequent or there was constipation. Then the problems with frequent urination began. A visit to the doctor revealed the early stages of prostatitis. I decided to try Prostovit before traditional treatment on the advice of my friends, I was not disappointed with the results.
  • Gerhard
    Due to my professional affiliation (driver) I am at risk for prostatitis (perineal microtrauma, strange vibrations, circulatory stasis in the groin). I take Prostovit drops to prevent this serious illness, the symptoms of the illness are minimal.
  • Michael
    The drug Prostovit saved me from a psychological nightmare: a doctor-recommended prostate massage. Signs of improvement appeared long before the end of the course and gave a stable result after treatment. The number of morning visits to the bathroom was reduced to a minimum, the pain disappeared.
  • Peter
    My love of sweet and fatty foods not only affected my appearance and circulatory processes, but also led to prostate problems. I stopped liking women, I had problems urinating. Prostovit became a springboard to a new life: I painlessly got rid of the symptoms of the disease.
  • Sylvia
    Together with my husband, we began to notice that our intimate life had become less intense: he began to pay less attention to me, his masculine potential began to decline. If he suspected prostate problems, he would buy him Prostovit as a preventative measure. The result exceeded all expectations! Recommended!
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