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When I went to see my family doctor as a young man for occasional back and perineal pain, I didn't think it could be a prostate disease. It was then that I realized what was the cause of my constant fights with my wife (I paid little attention to my second half, I wasn't always in good male shape) and the cause of the nervous tension: I happen to not have -bacterial prostatitis. Caused not by a list of bacteria that can be caught in promiscuous intimate relationships, but by the wrong lifestyle, which, I must say, I have led from an early age. The Prostovit drops I'm talking about haven't been created yet.

As the doctor explained to me, a healthy prostate cannot be one that makes constant use of fatty and unhealthy foods: and I love fast food, fried foods, sweets, I am overweight; someone who drinks a lot of alcohol. I don't suffer from smoking, another cause of prostate disease, but as it turns out, my profession as a driver was in part the cause of the disease. I was constantly in a car, the vibrations of which, along with occasional tremors (I like to be off-road) created unwanted stress on the perineum, and the lack of physical activity led to chronic stagnation of blood flow to the pelvic organs.

Prostovit analogues are ineffective

In combination with high cholesterol this gave total poor circulation, poor digestion, problems with urination. With a slight increase in one testicle, after expensive tests that revealed no undesirable changes, I was prescribed chemical drugs that only worked temporarily, worsening my health.

I found drops of Prostovit on the Internet and ordered with mail delivery, having received a significant discount on the course. The experience of using Prostovit reassured me: literally from the beginning of the course, all existing symptoms began to disappear, the announced cure for the causes of the disease turned out not to be an empty promise. I started to feel more confident in my relationship with my wife, I stopped being nervous at work because of the likelihood of problems urinating, and there was less pain. The drops have an overall strengthening effect: my breathing has improved, my weight has decreased a little, the prerequisites for a healthy lifestyle have appeared: the amount of alcohol consumed and the habit of eating stress sweets have decreased.

after taking Prostovit drops for prostate disease

How to use Prostovit drops?

According to the instructions. The advice of a family doctor or assistant is not excluded if you have a serious illness or are allergic to components. I would drip 20 drops per 0. 1 liter of water and use it twice a day, because my disease was no longer in its initial form. Beware of fakes! The original drops are available in a 30ml bottle in a bottle with blue-white graphics and a white-green shield sign, I couldn't buy them at a drugstore - they're not sold there. I recommend drivers for the prevention of prostatitis.